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Your Customers Can Apply for Financing Online...and Checkout Online, Using Their Credit Line!

We have joined together to provide you with one streamlined solution for the best in secure paymentsGreat American Finance's solution is designed with both customer and owner in mind.

Enhance the customer experience, boost efficiency, and cut costs with a flexible and advanced payment solution.


Great American Finance & Imagine Retailer
have partnered together to provide our shared dealers with the ability to add online financing to their web presence!  It’s as easy as this!! 

Dealer Option 1: 
Click a link to launch an application form. 
Fill it out and get an instant approval! 
Write down the Checkout Code!
Dealer Option 2: 
Shop online and add-to-cart! 
When ready, choose Great American Finance
as the payment option and use your
Checkout Code!

Let’s Get Started!

Yes it’s simple.   As a valued customer or referral, Great American Finance will cover the cost of your secure web application. 

Imagine Retailer will add the application link to your existing Imagine web site at no cost!  Just fill out the form, click the appropriate options and we’ll get you started!

Yes, please contact me about secure integrated payments with Imagine Retailer.
Check all that apply:

Thanks for submitting! We'll be in touch ASAP!

Scenario 1: 

I am currently a Great American Finance Dealer AND have an Imagine Retailer Web Site

  • Contact Great American Finance and ask for your customer web application!

  • Once it’s ready, we will give the link to Imagine to add to your site!

  • Fill out the form below and you’re on your way!

Scenario 2: 

I am Currently An NOT Imagine Retailer Customer

  • Imagine has full web sites or micro-sites to solve any of your business needs. 

  • The customer application and approval code checkout module is integrated will be added to support your digital success!

  • Contact Imagine to find what solution is best for you!

Scenario 3: 

I am currently NOT a Great American Finance Dealer

  • Step one is to find out your financing needs and design a program just for you!  We provide primary & secondary finance and can work with major waterfall companies. We also integrate marketing solutions to support your success!

  • Contact us to get your customized solution for success!

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