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Great American Finance
2nd Looking Financing

LENGTH OF AGREEMENT:  This program will begin on October 1, 2020 and expire on December 31, 2023.  This agreement can be renewed with joint approval.  

PAYMENT RESPONSIBILITY:  Furniture First tracks all Members’ credit ratings through Lyon Credit Services.  If a Member’s Lyon Credit Rating goes to a 4 or above, the Member becomes suspended.  The Member must return to a Lyon Credit rating of a 3 or less, or face termination.  All Members of Furniture First will be responsible for all individual purchases and invoice payments to the Supplier Partner.  Furniture First does not bear nor accept any financial or legal responsibility for payment of invoices / fees on behalf of our Members.   

PRICING AND MARKETING:  SPECIAL RATES FOR FURNITURE FIRST.  These rates may be adjusted with 60 days written notice to Furniture First.   


3 Months 

Same As Cash


6 Months 

Same As Cash


12 Months 

Same As Cash


18 Months 

Same As Cash

Available Remarketing & Loyalty Strategies 

Finance Rewards:  
Customized for Great American Finance Customers


  • After a customer has made 5 payments on time, we will increase their credit line by  $1,000 and help remarket them back to your store for future needs.

  • NOTE:  Ideally, we can position this to the customers as a value-add point that they are “eligible” for this program.  They get approved for whatever amount possible to get started and then let the purchases and credit line grow with their family’s needs.  The goal for this program is to serve your valuable customers with a program that makes life possible – and also help other customers build credit with a balance that stays available to support their future needs.

  • Include a Custom Offer!  Dealers may include a custom offer with the new open balance to help incentivize the future purchase.  This program is all about raising your repurchase rate!

  •  IMPORTANT:  This credit line is available at YOUR store only!  We are committed to your growth.

Customer Loyalty Card:
A Welcome Handout to Give New Customers When Purchasing


  • We will provide a Great American Finance welcome card that provides an ID card with access to their portal for bill paying, support and available balance.  This card also explains Finance Rewards to help them understand that they will have an increasing credit for product at your store in the future.


Open To Buy (OTB) Strategic Marketing Support

  • Flash Finance:  The first step for success is closing new business!  The Flash Finance sale is a special “temporary rate plan” that we create for a specific time period, to help you win on those specific competitive holiday sales.  Whether every approved customer gets a higher amount approved, customers get a special interest rate or we include a dealer rebate for the duration of the sale – it’s all about creating urgency to close the sale. This is also an ideal ad hook for clearance sales to make room for new product!

  • Finance Rewards: This program described above, starts automatically after the customer’s first purchase, with each notification including their “open to buy”.  After the 5th payment made on time, their credit line is increased by $1000.   There is an extra benefit here that if there are customers who got approved by did not make a purchase – or purchased but have balance left

    • Get automatic notification of funds available to spend at your store.

  • Seasonal Offer Email blasts are designed to market open balance to customers at time of target – for example, if you have an anniversary sale, a “pre-Labor Day” sale or an “early access Black Friday VIP Party” for your repurchasing customers – we have you covered!   We can help set up these email blasts and include each customer’s open balance!

  • Conversion Marketing:  Much like an shopping abandoned cart, some customers get approved but not all buy!  Our conversion marketing program will automatically initiate private emails that congratulate customers on earning their available credit – and include special offers from the dealer to help convert that “just looking” customer into a closed sale.

Ongoing Marketing Strategy Meeting:

  • Point of Purchase!  Yes we have POP to support your store!  Whether you need “Power of Payments”, “Finance Rewards” or other strategic messaging – we have tent cards, posters, clings and more!

  • Our goal is your success!  With a quarterly marketing meeting, we can discuss your upcoming promotions and leverage data to support your success.

  • Strategic Marketing Meeting:  Need to get out of the box with something that helps with your local competition?  Our marketing team will help come up with clever ways to use finance offers, remarketing strategies and local data to help bolster your advertising strategies (and results).

Ongoing Success Management:

  • Reporting & Analytics!  In our commitment to your success we will provide reports to help track the progress of your financing program and leverage data to plan for success!  We’ll customize reports and send them for your use!

  • Improving Decisions With Customer Application Analysis!   As we move into your launch, our expert credit and finance teams will review your account, your approvals and customer application values and see if we can adjust your rates, approval amounts and decision values to make sure we are getting the best approvals for you AND your customers!

  • Tracking Your Success!  Our team regularly reviews your data to make sure we are supporting maximum approvals and top credit amounts granted.  We leverage this data to adjust your company’s decision matrix to make sure we are helping you serve the right customers the right way.

Training & Launch Success Planning 

  • The Power of Payments!  What’s easier to sell?  A $1500 bedroom set or a $75 a month payment?  Exactly!  That’s what this educational handout is all about!  With easy payment calculator cards, your staff can quickly convert a total purchase into the monthly-payment-value to help customers estimate the affordability of their purchase. 

  • Finance 101 Video:  With one click, we have a video that helps explain financing to RSAs, helping support new hires and ongoing staff training.  The goals here are helping raise average ticket and learning how to leverage the power of payments to help make purchases affordable for your customers.

  • Finance 101 Handout:  We are happy to provide a handout that explains the programs and Finance Rewards in customer-facing language – making it easy for sales staff to learn to explain the program.

  • NOTE:  This customer facing handout helps to generally e
    xplain financing for customers – but also works as a tool to help sales staff understand types of financing.

QUARTERLY REBATE AND VOLUME REPORTS:  Great American Finance will pay Furniture First a .50% Rebate on all member volume, paid quarterly.   Volume reports, along with any rebate due, will be sent to the Furniture First office within 60 days of the end of the calendar quarter. 
NON-EXCLUSION:  Quarterly Rebate payments, as outlined above, are required for all Furniture First Members regardless of pre-negotiated Member arrangements, future negotiated Member arrangements and any other unforeseen circumstances that may arise during the agreement term. 
FURNITURE FIRST SYMPOSIUM:  As an approved Supplier Partner of Furniture First, Great American Finance will have the opportunity to be a sponsor for the annual Furniture First Symposium.  This event brings Furniture First Members and Vendors together in an effort to work on their business relationship. 
OTHER BUYING GROUPS:  Members of Furniture First may belong to other industry buying groups; however, the member will not be permitted to choose the other buying group program over the Furniture First Supplier Partner program.  Members are expected to support the Furniture First programs and are not permitted to pick and choose various deals between buying groups.  The retail member has signed an agreement with Furniture First in order to execute this “OTHER BUYING GROUP” rule. 
FURNITURE FIRST COMMITMENT:  Furniture First will, to the best of our ability, promote Great American Finance as a Supplier Partner through The Weekly Confidential, on our member’s only website, membership meetings and will set up a direct link to your company’s website.  
CONFIDENTIALITY:  Each party agrees to protect the confidentiality of all confidential and trade secret information shared by the other party in connection with this Agreement, including but not limited to the terms hereof (collectively, “Proprietary Information”), with the same level of care that such would use to protect its own confidential and trade secret information, and   not less than a standard of reasonable care. Each party shall only use the other party’s Proprietary Information for the purposes of performing its obligations under this Agreement and may not share the other party’s Proprietary Information with any third party, except in the case of Furniture First which may share such Proprietary Information with a Member, provided such Member is contractually obligated to maintain the confidentiality thereof. Each party agrees and acknowledges that a breach of its obligations under this section would cause irreparable harm to the disclosing party and that the disclosing party shall be entitled to seek injunctive relief to prevent such a breach. This section shall survive the termination or expiration of this Agreement for a period of two (2) years. 


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