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We are very pleased to offer our dealers “Finance Rewards”.


This program is designed to help identify the best customers and bring them back to your store for more. Here is how the program works from your customer’s perspective:

  1. They find furniture they want and apply for financing!

  2. Next, they get approved for a primary or secondary offer by Great American Finance.

  3. They then get access to a 24/7 online portal to manage their account as they wish!

  4. After the 5th payment has been made on time, we automatically increase their credit line by $1000!

  5. Any additional offer from you (the dealer) is included in the “award”.


Something you will want to know is that we provide a revolving credit line – NOT a credit card that can be spent anywhere!  That means that the credit line is ONLY good at your store – and we are remarketing to the customer to send them back to you to support their additional purchase needs.


You as the dealer, also have the option to add in your own customized offer.  Whether you’d like to add 10% off their next purchase, a $150 or $200 gift card – or any other offer, we will notify them of your offer with emails AND a phone call directly from our customer care team!


We are committed to supporting your success.  To launch your custom Finance Rewards program, just contact our Account Management team at [email protected] to set up an appointment to get you going!

Money Marketing: VIP Sales

Finance and Furniture come together for success on the simple crossroad of repeat customer purchase. As the law of customer service goes, “it is easier to keep a customer than gain a new one” – and marketing to these existing customers MUST be a huge part of any retailer’s success strategy.
Financing is a strategic solution to drive repeat purchase by marketing an “available balance” to consumers who have purchased.


This service is automatically provided as a part of normal activity at Great American Finance. When consumers have paid down their financing and a balance is available, we market by email, direct mail and text – helping to drive sales and future purchase back to our retailers.

From here execution means communication. VIP Sales are exceptionally successful, delivering pinpoint target marketing to customers who already have belief in your store. With collaboration, we can coordinate a special sale rate, identify a financing promotion, package deal or coupon to go out in our marketing activity. This drives them back to your store where you can treat them like gold as they
VIP they deserve to be.


Customer loyalty is the goal here as they will then turn from “shopping you” to “shopping from you. Financing is truly an intense strategy in building your customer loyalty and repurchase rate. Talk to your account manager to see how we can strategize for your success.


Learn about Finance Rewards -- a program to help grow sales for new and existing customers!

Watch this video to learn about financing and how to use it to help consumers leverage financing to support their needs.



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In Effort To Help Our Retailers Get Through This Difficult Time...

Great American Financing is offering the following:

  1. Free finance waterfall added to your Wondersign.

  2. Free Customer Finance Application Link to add to your web site.

    1. Option 1:  Get approved for financing from your web site & contact your store to complete order & schedule delivery.

    2. Option 2:  Integrate our Approval Code into your shopping cart to “Check out with approval code” – allowing the customer to use their available credit with Great American Finance.

NOTE:  This is available with a customizable waterfall.

Please see attached for details and contact your Great American Finance Account Manager for details.


Contact our customer service department 866-944-2326

Monday- Friday 8AM- 6PM CST


                                            You can make payments online here any time

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